There’s no doubt that the growth of cloud, social, and mobile computing has vastly changed the IT landscape and introduced a number of valuable benefits to organizations. These solutions open enterprise web applications to a broad base of users – from employees and contractors, to business partners and end consumers – offering access to business critical data and fostering collaboration. Viewing this evolution with a security hat on, however, brings a slightly different perspective

Today IBM is announcing Security Access Manager (ISAM v. 7.0), the next generation access management solution designed for stronger security in web, cloud and mobile environments. Now available as an appliance, ISAM 7.0 is a scalable and configurable web access management solution that helps clients secure and observe user access across a wide variety of web applications and services. In addition, it simplifies previously complex operations by centralizing user authentication and authorization management for online portals, integrates real-time threat intelligence and helps protect the corporate web applications against web vulnerabilities.
Adopting cloud and mobile services, while largely beneficial, have also had a tremendous impact on how businesses shape their security strategies as these services change the nature of what is considered “traditional security perimeters.” They open organizations to new avenues for web vulnerabilities and targeted attacks that may not have been encountered in the past, and often these security strategies aren't adjusted until a weakness has been identified or a breach occurs.
It can be a difficult process to address these new security challenges beyond the traditional security perimeter, and as cloud, social, and mobile computing become more pervasive the security issues also increase in frequency. In speaking with numerous clients and business partners, a recurring theme was that there was a clear need for secure user access and monitoring across all perimeters in order to defend and protect critical data, applications, people and business infrastructure.
IBM Business Partner SafeNet has also announced that IBM Security Access Manager will function as an enforcement point for their existing strong authentication solutions. We’re excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with them on a solution to provide customers with stronger secure access and the ability to integrate web access and web content protection.
You can read more about Security Access Manager here.