Although our statistics demonstrate some improvements in the overall security of Internet software, attackers have been adapting their techniques in response to these efforts. As a result, our researchers saw several new attack trends emerge towards the end of 2011. In addition, the emergence of cloud computing and the trend to “bring your own mobile device” is creating additional challenges for enterprise security. During this session we will share our research results to help you "stay ahead of the threat". 

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In this presentation, Tom Cross, Manager X-Force Threat Intelligence and Strategy covers:

  • New Attack Activity
    • Rise in Shell Command Injection attacks
    • Spikes in SSH Brute Forcing
    • Rise in Phishing-like emails that may be used for Click Fraud
  • Progress in Internet Security
    • Fewer exploit releases
    • Fewer web application vulnerabilities
    • Better patching
  • The Challenge of Mobile and the Cloud
    • Mobile exploit disclosures up
    • Cloud requires new thinking

The IBM X-Force Threat Insight Report
The IBM X-Force Threat Insight Report is designed to highlight some of the most significant threats and challenges facing security professionals today. This report is produced by the IBM Managed Security Services (MSS) team, and is compiled by the IBM X-Force. Each issue focuses on a specific challenge and provides a recap of the most significant recent online threats.